WandD Approach

Writing songs is an attempt to create places to return to. Joy, not jaded. Places full of longing, rendering; dimensional, effervescent...

“…it takes us out of our existence. At the same time, it exists with us and gives us a back-drop of our existence…”

June 22, 2016: “…listening to Keith Richard’s solo album, “Main Offender,” I keep returning to the sentiment that for art you really have to do just what you love and feel free to regard or disregard other opinions as you see fit.”

“One goes through one's day with varying degrees of conscious awareness intermingled with moments in which the subconscious emerges and permeates that conscious awareness. it's like a filtering, a shading of that conscious awareness.....it's not that one loses one's ability to stay conscious and aware. But, there is something like a transport into that filtered experience. Music seems to draw us into that transported filtering. It allows for remembrances of earlier emotions and sentiments and experiences (among other things....)…”