I spent 3 months on a Kansas combine wonderin' how Cascadia's been

driftin' her sideway glance on my heart

dealin' it down on Pike and Pine.

She hands out riddles. She sees in rhyme.

Sometimes her thoughts are better than mine.

I don't care. I don't mind. I love her as much as I got time.

Now, I'm ramblin' back to the Promised Land,

wonderin' if she'll have me back.

Who knows, maybe she's on Alberta, bleedin' out roses and under attack.

Mountains in the clouds are floating

She lives her dream out loud.

Had I been her pioneer dream, golden evergreen down a stream?

Passin' the test outside of Eugene,

she sees more of you than it seems.

I wanted her more on Bluitt Pass,

pocket full of wine and face full of cash.

Lake Chelan inside her head, she's going down there instead.

I gave her wine, a new design on the ridge of her space and time.

She held me tight. She set me free

on the edge of her decree.

Mountains in the clouds are floating

She lives her dream out loud.

That whole life I left behind is comin' back to me in the tide.

Lincoln City to Ocean Shores in between her open doors.

Funny how she waves to me starin' at the smilin' sea.

Sublime in the forest she says she's been,

she opens the heart of the western wind.

Turning shells and native dance

I'll remain to take my chance,

To dream with her and remain. She tells me it's all the same.